Polaris Prize 2014 Postmortem: Praying For Disintegration



The singer-songwriter Geoff Berner described Animism as “the sound of a people defying genocide,” and if Tanya Tagaq foregrounded that history—a video screen named the 1,182 aboriginal women gone missing or murdered since 1980, several dozen Jane Does in agonizing consonance—she refused to become a prisoner of it. You could tell the A&R types there didn’t really know who Tagaq was, were maybe expecting classicist folk art or something. What they got was both the evening’s most avant-garde performance (meaning sounds not yet heard) and the most metal one (meaning head-banging). 



Blog: Caribou, Can’t Do Without You.

Blog: Daphni & Owen Pallett, Julia.

Young Canada!, c. 1904Dyonnet, EdmondOil on pressed paperboardOverall: 41.9 x 34.3 cmGift of Mr. and Mrs. John Hale Hunter, Barrie, Ontario, 1995© 2014 Art Gallery of Ontario

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